History of B&B to B+B

B&B Air was founded in 1990 by William “Bill” Charles Bissmeyer II in Indianapolis after moving from Lathrop Trotter, a Cincinnati firm established in XXXX by his father, William Charles Bissmeyer who lived until XXXX. In the beginning, Bill decided to change the family basement into the new B&B office with desks, typewriters and phones. The two car garage was sectioned off into shipping and receiving which was designated by freshly painted red squares. The semi-trucks would often have a difficult time making it through the cul-de-sac while one of the five sons would rush to complete the package of parts to go out. In 1993, Bill out grew the basement and move the office to a commercial location at 89th street and Hauge road. There Bill grew the business up with the help from all five of his sons and his business partners over the years Mark Barns, Jeff Parish until he once again outgrew the space. So in 1997 Bill moved the business to the current Indianapolis East 43rd Street location where he found a small office to remodel and had a 4,300 sqft warehouse barn built to Amish quality. During the 2008 recession, Bill decided to change the name of the company to B&B Energy to reflect the new “GREEN” direction. This opened the company’s product offering from only HVAC to now include lighting and controls. Bill’s leadership has shown that there can be growth when allowed; follow a well prepared plan that can be executed precisely like a 22 caliber riffle. What gets measured gets done.

In 2016, Bill began to grow ill and decided to transition the company to his wife Helen and third son Thomas “Tommy” Bissmeyer. Then in 2016, B+B Energy Systems, Inc was founded with Tommy operating as the President allowing Bill to focus on is health and family time. Bill passed away in 2020 from kidney failure after going through dialysis for two years. We are now operating in 2024 while looking toward the future of HVAC and lighting equipment, new energy opportunities and working our plan to allow for continuous growth.