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Heating, Air Conditioning, Ventilation and Lighting

B+B Energy Systems is proud to represent American industrial manufacturers of HVAC and lighting equipment in Indiana, Ohio, Kentucky and Illinois, by providing over 30 years of equipment application intelligence, total project costs analysis, rebate assistance, and so much more.

How we can help your building

B+B Energy Systems believes that each customer's industrial and warehouse building is unique, and that the HVAC and lighting should be designed and installed to satisfy those needs.

B+B Energy Systems proudly provides products and services for air turnover systems, direct fired make-up air units, integral cooling units, infra-red burners, high energy efficient LED lighting systems, and energy auditing in order to qualify for E-pact federal tax deductions.

B+B Energy Systems takes great pride in the fact that many of our customers have multiple industrial heating and industrial cooling systems purchased over a number of years at different locations. Our success is a result of satisfying our customer's needs with quality equipment, expert installation, and ongoing parts support and service when needed.

 B+B Energy stocks over 60,000 BTUH in heating and lighting equipment for next day delivery.

Highlighted Project Case Study

Indianapolis Colts - Farm Bureau Football Center
Applied Air - 2 Air Turnover Units

The Indianapolis Colts needed to update the heating and ventilation equipment at their 103,000 sq.ft. indoor practice facility before the 2023 season started. They teamed up with B+B to provide the best AIR TURNOVER system for their facility while guaranteeing to meet their strict timeline to have the equipment onsite and installed before the team returned for the upcoming season. This was a tremendous opportunity to showcase the use of ATU’s for our local NFL team.

Indianapolis Colts
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Indianapolis, Indiana